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Intuative Wisdom

In this podcast, Anne, our lovely director and producer interviews Shana Dieterle, a craniosacral practitioner. Through humor and wit, both professionals dive into the subtle intuitive healing wisdom of craniosacral therapy. For more information, go to Shana's website at:

CranioSacral Therapy was developed by Dr. John Upledger, D.O., as an offshoot of Cranial Osteopathy. Dr. Upledger was one of the rare individuals who combined the intellect to gather and synthesize information from a vast range of resources, the heart to stay emotionally engaged with his patients, and the guts to go beyond conventional thinking in medicine. ​ CST uses light touch to evaluate and treat the connective tissue lining (membranes) of the central nervous system by using the bones of the skull (cranium) and the sacrum (the tail end of the spine) as handles to exert light traction on the membranes of the brain and spinal cord. This helps to optimize the free flow of the cerebrospinal fluid, which nurtures and protects the brain (cerebrum) and the spinal cord. The lightness of touch allows the practitioner to feel the innate rhythm of the craniosacral system and respond to it instantly. ​ The symmetry, quality, amplitude, and rate of the rhythm as it translates from head to toe throughout the connective tissue can indicate the location and severity of restrictions in movement. These restrictions can be addressed with precision, and connective tissue mobility can be restored throughout the body.

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