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Anne Harris is a counselor, therapist, red cross veteran, and folk singer who seeks to channel love and healing to those who wish to receive it. She has copious experience with group and family therapy; it is her specialty.


Enough talk about her----here's words from Annie herself:

I find that my skill and experience are very helpful to people who have survived trauma. I have been working with folks who are burdened with emotional, physical, and sexually traumatic histories for over 40 years. I also welcome you to contact me if you are questioning your gender identity.

I have assisted many people move through the difficult process of confirming their internal gender identity with the labels attached at birth.

My work with the LGBTIQ folks is an ongoing mutual exploration of meeting and overcoming the challenges we face in a sometimes less than accepting and often a punishing culture.


I also welcome you to come and chat if you are exploring an alternative family structure such as polyamory.

Advanced training and practice with therapeutic tools like EMDR, Internal Family Systems, Gestalt, and Group Work support my work. I am also Transgender and am active supporter of the work to strengthen the lives of persons who fit under LGBTQI umbrella.

Our Mission

A Commitment to Education

The Mission of the Montana Family Center is to promote the wellness and well being of Families in the wonderful state of Montana.  Of course you don't need to live here to benefit.  Stay tuned for our podcast schedule, newsletter, and public events.