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Our Mission

Commitment to Education

The Mission of the Montana Family Center is to promote the wellness and well being of families in the wonderful state of Montana and beyond..  We do this through:

  • Original video, audio and print resources on this web site.

  • Verified links to other web based information that we verify as factually and reliably based.

  • Public forums and discussions held around our state and region.

  • Direct counseling and resource services when requested.


We will be advocates for traditional and non-traditional families with education and resource identification to help:

  • Single parent families

  • Same sex partner families

  • Blended families 

  • Families with LGBTQI members

  • Polyamory Families

  • Families with transgenerational 

  • Families dealing with grief

  • Families with a disabled member

  • Families with ???? give us a call

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