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Skills for Parenting and other Human Interactions

Raising and supporting the development of children is one of the greatest joys and challenges in life. I know it was for myself, as a parent and grandparent. When parenting I bring the knowledge regarding healthy parenting and children and all of the communication tools of my profession as a family therapist.  That knowledge DID NOT MAKE PARENTING EASY, though it does make self correction easier when I hit rough patches, exhaustion, and challenges I didn't encounter as a child my self or as a parent.

Below I offer a curated collection of podcasts and video presentations with some of the best parenting ideas and skill training I've discovered in thirty-five years in my mental health practice. If you have found others that you like, please send me an email with links to the material to

Dear Anger is an audio presentation geared to help adults learn about healthy use of this confusing emotion ANGER.

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