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Families and Schools

Exciting NEW Education Resources for Pre-Kindergarten and College Bound Students and Families

The Waterford UPSTART program for pre-school children to get a quality preparation for Kindergarten is FREE to families in Montana. There is also a reading program to enhance the reading abilities of Primary Grade students. These are exciting programs parents use in their own home with their children.

Click on the image to the left to learn more and see some interesting videos. 

We are highly recommending these programs for rural families without ready access to pre-schools, and to supplement all pre-school children.

I truly wish that this service was available for my high school and undergraduate years, but that would require a time machine to the 60's.

This site has great advice on everything from study habits and test taking to help with a college finance application (FAFSA).

Check it out by clicking on their logo to the left.  

Sexual Assault in Schools

This wonderful site can help with everything from school based meal programs, summer reading and math fun assignments, adult education opportunities, and much more.

This is a great resource for finding specific programs and different post-secondary schools across the State and public university systems.

This is a link to a great video on essential information on how to avoid excessive debt for college.  Debt seems unavoidable these days so the best solution may be to plan education that is focused on your goals for a degree, at the right school, and along the right time line.

Parents Let's Unite for Kids is a great resource for all parents with school age children.  Advocacy, and information rich site for parents with children who have special needs or disabilities as all parents.

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