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Mental Health Resources

Contentment, happiness, fulfillment, security, self-love, patience, tolerance, strength, determination, spirit, Joy, curiosity, lovability, and vulnerability are all qualities that most of us aspire to achieve. We were born with all the potential to excel at each of these qualities.

When as infants we begin to express these characteristics and, if our caregivers exhibit the same, the infant develops and grows stronger and becomes a person who is able to engage success and adversity with the full potential to make the most out of their lives. 

One of the most popular books about the human experience, and what limits our potential to soar in our lives, is explained very thoroughly by Dr. Vessel Van Der Kolk in his book, The Body Keeps the Score.  It is a non-traditional approach to understanding the inter-connectedness of our body and mind and different pathways to become more and more the Self that you aspire to be. We at MTFC highly recommend reading this book, written in non-medical language. The animated short video to the right gives on the best summaries of this book, and an understanding of the effects of trauma that are life long and physical as well as mental. 

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