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Got Parenting?

To be perfectly honest, no one is prepared for being a parent! Parenting is a life long commitment. That life can begin at a birth of a biological offspring, at adoption of any age or when you partner with someone who has existing children. Sure, people can make a healthy baby and most do fairly well in the feed, burp, diaper, bathe, and cuddle department.

The real challenge begins when children start walking, talking, and experimenting with their world. That is when they grow past the cute and adorable baby stage that we hear parents ask, "what do I do with....?" and those little dots represent everything from a child who persistently uses their first word of power, "NO!" Then it's game on. Unfortunately we have misused labels like the Terrible Twos for the beginning of this growing stage of parenting.

So what's a parent suppose to do? What about age 12 or 13?

The answer is quite easy, seek to better understand how to work with this independent yet still completely dependent spirit in a healthy/helpful for both parent and child.

The Montana Family Center does not teach or run parenting classes, at least in 2021 and likely 2022. But what we can offer you are lists of classes, books, online podcasts and videos that we have reviewed and have found to be both helpful and based on the most proven approaches to child rearing and adult support.

Please click on the buttons below for resources. 

Please feel free to submit any resources that you have come across that we don't list to

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