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The Value of Family

Updated: September 30, 2021

At the Montana Family Center we attempt to guide families to healthier, loving, and lasting relationships. There are some basic ideas of what family is to most peoples, families are:

· Usually connected by biological, that is genetic relationships

· Are sometimes expanded when members join a family through a specific cultural ritual (marriage or handfasting) or adoption.

· Proud of intergenerational factors of sometimes great importance. You know the stories of how a great grandmother was a courageous pioneer or how an uncle rode the un-ridable bull at the rodeo.

· An economic unit that supports themselves and their community.

· A social unit that contributes to their community

· An important thread of the fabric of what we call community

For many our families are the place we call home, our base for love, comfort, support and holiday meals.

For many others, their Family of Origin (FOO) was far, far less than a loving, comforting, supportive experience. Persons from these families still seek a small circle to replace their FOO with a Family of Choice. This means that they seek to create a family like support system of mutual aid, comfort, love, and even Holiday meals.

Whether your family is made up of the members of your FOO, or the bonds you form with others in community the functions of family are valuable.

We invite you to use this space to tell your own family story and how it may have evolved. Please contribute to everyone's understanding of what family is becoming.

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