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In addition to our web and Community Education and Advocacy we offer some direct services to the public where an unmet need is identified.  Our staff are all trained volunteers and the following services are offered on a donation basis.

Emotional Support Animals

Emotional Support Animals (ESA) are an animal that provides comfort and support to an individual or family. Though these are usually dogs or cats, they can be any species that for any individual provides companionship.  ESAs are most valuable for persons who have experienced a traumatic experience(s), or have experienced an loss.  A licensed mental health provider conducts an interview and sometimes written questionnaires to help verify the need for an ESA. Click the button below to learn more or call us at 406-200-8459

1-1 and Family Counseling

The Montana Family Center will begin offering professional counseling services to individuals and families in the Fall of 2021. The primary focus will be on the following issues and concern:

  • Family recovery from violence, physical, verbal, and sexual

  • LGBTQ concerns.

  • Blended and single parent families.

Services will be provided by either a licensed counselor or an advanced student under the direct supervision of one of our licensed professionals. ​

Click here to learn more

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